Acupuncture Rates

“** PLEASE NOTE: Acupuncture is considered an add-on to massage treatment, at our clinic, and as such, is only available in the following sessions, to be billed as massage therapy.

**In these sessions, acupuncture will be done beforehand, for 20-30 min and the remaining of the session will be dedicated to massage therapy.

**To book a session, please look for the “acupuncture + massage therapy’ options on our treatment menu, or call the clinic to make an appointment at : 416 567 2896

Acupuncture + Massage Therapy Rates

(only available with Chantal Milot RMT)

Time (minutes)

Rates ($)140.00165.00205.00
HST ($)18.2021.4526.65
Total ($)158.20186.45231.65

Dry Needling:$10.00 + HST (only available as an add-on to any massage therapy session with Chantal Milot RMT)