I hope you are in good health, managing to keep a smile on your face in spite of everything that is going on. These certainly are some trying times, aren’t they? (to say the very least!).

As you may have heard, we have now been mandated by the CMTO to stop providing non-essential massage therapy services until further notice, to help protect the public. While this line of action is understandably essential to social distancing and to flattening the curve, it certainly limits the capacity in which we massage therapists can be helpful, which is why I am writing to you to offer this simple FREE service, while this crisis lasts!

Since some of you are likely spending a lot of time on the couch (not judging here, we’re all doing it!), and with some of you still working from home, and/or participating in nonsensical ” online pushup challenges”, I am assuming that at least some of you are starting to feel a little tightness creeping all over! While there is still no real better alternative to someone physically working out the tension from your tissues with the use of manual therapy, proper and intelligent self-care alternatives to treatment, such as a tailored mobility and stretching protocol can still be implemented to help alleviate some of your discomfort. That being said, during the rest of this crisis, I will be available for free personal online consultations to assess your “troublesome spots” and provide you with a proper protocol to help alleviate some of your pain! All you have to do, is email me at chantalmilotrmt@gmail.com, and we can set up a ZOOM meeting, where we can meet “face-to-face”. ( Please do not be afraid to reach out. There isn’t an issue too small to take me up on this, and I am certainly not in a shortage of available free time!)

Until we meet again, stay positive. Try to focus on what you CAN do right now, rather than what you can’t, to stay sane. This, too shall pass!


Chantal Milot RMT