Osteopath in Toronto

Osteopath in Toronto

Why do people enjoy massage therapy so much? Because massage helps you feel relaxed, eases your muscle pain, soothes anxiety and even helps you get a good night sleep. People in Toronto are always eager to treat their bodies with the right form of massage therapy.

Osteopathy-A New Sort Of Massage Therapy

Chantal Milot RMT And Associates has introduced yet another technique of therapy for helping people to relax. We offer Osteopathy in Toronto for relieving the pain in bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, and other connective tissues. It is believed that by stretching and massaging the muscles and joints a person can lead a healthy life. Our osteopath physicians in Toronto have a goal of increasing the mobility of joints, relieving muscles tension, and boosting blood supply to tissues by stretching and massaging.

Approach Used In Osteopathy

We have the most proficient Osteopath in Toronto who utilizes the power of “osteopathic thinking”. Dr. Still uses osteopathic thinking to find the origin of the problem and then unlocks the body’s own healing mechanism for optimal health.

How Our Experts Perform Osteopathy?

We offer manual osteopathic in Toronto during which our practitioners try to locate the source of somatic dysfunction. By using diagnostic palpation and gentle manipulation, we try to restore the balance of your body and help it to function more smoothly. We know that all our body systems are interconnected and for better results, we include internal organs and cranium along with bones and muscles during the osteopathic process. Moreover, our practitioners know how to apply the listening technique combined with a light touch for identifying the restrictions within the body. He/she then massage the body with light touches and observe how the body tissues respond to the soft touch.

About Our Experienced Osteopaths

Let us give you an overview of our Osteopathic manual practitioners who will ensure you get the best outcome with this therapy.

1) Ceb’sile Ndlangamand:

Ceb’sile is determined to help people and provide the best of healthcare solutions through Osteopathy therapy. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Kinesiology from York University. Then, she started working as a personal trainer to pursue her career in healthcare. She was always fascinated by the complex nature of the human body, which led her to gain more knowledge on removing restrictions from the body through osteopathy.

  • Experience: She graduated from Southern Ontario College of Osteopathy and now is an experienced osteopathic in treating chronic and acute conditions along with treating women issues.

2) Melina Bisogni:

Melina is another gem in our organisation. She gained her degree in Manual Osteopathy from the National Academy of Osteopathy. She helps her clients by using manual Osteopathy therapy, joint mobilization and also formulate exercise plans to help them recover fully.

  • Experience: She has worked with people belonging to all walks of life. She worked with many sports teams gaining immense experience during this time. She worked with Ontario University Athletics, was a part of the medical team of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League, and also volunteered with the Humber Hospital’s rehabilitation unit.

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